Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Dancehall and Reggae Superstar Vypa Making His Mark Around The World

Vypa who recently performed at the Jamrock International Festival in Almaya, Mexico and Easter Invasion in Kingston Jamaica at Futuristik Records in April was currently in India promoting several of his recently released tracks.

Among them are Tun Up Inna Dis. Officially released late last year, the track he said has been getting good review from its listeners.

"It's a really good track that is full of vibes. The lyrics and the beat are contagious and will have its listeners dancing in no time. I am really confident that both the single and the video will give me the breakthrough that I am seeking," he said.

The General Vypa told Djslick44 Music News that he is still basking in the positive response that he received from fans in Mexico and Jamaica

"Mexico was really a good look and It's really a good feeling to know that reggae music is much appreciated in the international counties," he said.

Vypa, given name Glenford Goode, hails from St Thomas. His entry into the entertainment scene came years ago when he began hanging around sound systems in his community.

"I began free styling and then gradually began performing at events in the parish. Soon after I was making connections and performing in other countries. I put in a lot of work and it is now paying off," he said.

The entertainer is currently preparing to release several singles such as Million Dollar ManJamaica
Munchie Bounce, a collaboration with Bravo from Ravers Clavers. Vypa is also known for song such as Wine Up, I love you Girl, Stop Watch Mi, and my life featuring Daggyshash 

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Helping hands put wealth in hands says Bounty Killer.

As part of Labour Day celebrations, Bounty Killer through his Bounty Foundation will return to the Victoria Jubilee and Kingston Public Hospitals to give the two health facilities a facelift.

#Djslick44MusicNews understands that #BountyKiller and his team will be painting sections of the hospitals.

Two months after donating some much-needed beds, the dancehall deejay is set to make a significant donation to both hospitals on Wednesday.

In February, Bounty Killer through his Bounty Foundation donated 63 beds to the Kingston Public Hospital and the Victoria Jubilee.

Helping hands put wealth in hands,” says Bounty Killer.

The dancehall heavyweight recently returned to the island following a short tour of Europe.

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Saturday, 13 January 2018

50-inch TV Taken away from Inmate (Ninja Man) source Say

It is rumored that incarcerated dancehall artiste Ninja Man has been transferred from the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center, more popularly known as GP, to the St Catherine Adult Correctional Center, in Spanish Town.

An inside source at GP told THE WEEKEND STAR that the entertainer was relocated earlier this week after getting the cold shoulder from most of the inmates and some prison officials. 
“The officers are treating 'Addi' (Vybz Kartel) better than him. Him send fi a 50-inch TV and dem take it away. He paid for it to come in illegal though. The inmates dem a bun him out because him did a say man must not get sex from dem girls in prison and now see him drop a di same place,” the source said.

Last July, National Security Minister Robert Montague announced that some prisoners would get conjugal visits, one of the new measure "we must begin to humanise" prisoners.
However Ninja Man, who was on bail for murder at the time, stated that while the new policy was a 'nice gesture', it perhaps ought to be revisited after implementing other rehabilitative programmes.
“The man in prison nah nuh work. What we should be doing is thinking of ways and means to stop (using) taxpayer's money just for keeping prisoners," he told THE STAR then.

“Di man dem a do him bad cuz dem a say him use to bun out Kartel when him did a get try fi murder and say if him do di crime, him must do di time. It look like him never know say fi him time did ago come so nuff man no inna too much chattings with him,” the insider said.
THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Ninja Man’s attorney Valerie Neita Robertson who said that she cannot confirm or deny the rumours.

Similar sentiments were echoed by state minister in the National Security Ministry, Pearnel Charles Jr. He also directed us to Commissioner of Corrections Ina Fairweather Hunter. Attempts to reach her however proved futile. News of prisoners having fancy equipment in their cells is not a new phenomenon. In 2015, The Gleaner published an article which highlighted how some of the inmates are enjoying ‘luxurious’ living conditions behind bars at GP.

There were several photos of inmates with TVs, radios, and even video games in cells, with one inmate posting a photo of him playing a game on a PlayStation 3.
The article was based mostly on the photos and posts  uploaded by prison inmates on social media. 
Ninja Man, given name Desmond Ballentyne, is currently serving a life sentence.
The entertainer and his son Janiel were found guilty on November 21 for the March 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson on Marl Road in Kingston.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Tonight I Give In by Nateesha Stream Creating A hugh Buzz

Reggae Singer "Nateesha Stream" is creating a hugh buzz local and international with her reggae remake of Angela Bofill R&B classic "Tonight I Give In
The single produced by Hopeton Brown has been generating major airplay over the past two months. It's a good look', also in the street said "Stream". the song is on a lot of mixtape, DJ KENNYDj DOTCOM, DON KINGSTON, CD JOHNNY, CD BANGING, and a lot more top names, fans are loving it and if you think that's all
which is expected to give the song a major boost. "Tonight I Give In" is on "Nyah Bless Music Lable and was release in August be on the lookout for her gospel bombshell “My God” on Nyah Bless Frivolous Nation rhythm and a patriotic single “Come to Jamaica”. coming soon. Blessed with a powerful voice, captivating beauty and a charismatic personality, STREAM has managed to flood the reggae industry with tunes that resonates beauty combined with reality.Nateesha Stream - Tonight I Give In is now Available on iTunes, Amazon and all leading download music sites. Support and get your copy now

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4th Genna Dancehall Artiste Aidonia Working On His Debut Album

Chart-topping dancehall artiste #Aidonia is currently working on his debut album. Two years ago, he released the EP Project Sweat.

Aidonia explained the delay in releasing an official album in his more than decade-long career.

“I want to provide fans with something exceptional that will transcend time and geographic boundaries. I am not a big fan of expendable music; hence, I believe as an artiste it is extremely important to take the time and effort to create each song on the album in the best way I possibly can. If I expect people to buy this it's only fair that they receive their monies worth,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

“I want when someone downloads or puts my album into their player they can listen to the entire compilation, from start to end, without having to skip a song because it's perceived as a sub-par effort,” he continued.

Although there's no specific release date for the project, Splash understands that the set is slated for the first quarter of 2018. It is being produced by his 4th Genna Music label.

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Chancela Beautiful Day Getting Favorable Reviews

#Chancela is now the artiste to watch with his new single "Beautiful Day" Produced by Gifted People Records & Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution, a track which been getting favorable reviews local & International. In a recent Interview with #Djslick44MusicNews the recording artiste said #DjSmurf is 1st to give the song a few listening ears by playing it on #iriefm the feedback on the street is amazing the sing-jay said, the time is right and it's my time now to show the world what i have to offer, I also want to say a big thanks to #Djslick44 for putting together a wonderful promo video for the track
Having been a student of both Sizzla and Vybz Kartel's camp, dancehall artiste Chancela is aiming to make his mark in the music industry with his new single "Beautiful Day" Chancela has had his share of ups and downs in the music industry and was forced to leave the island after failed attempts to get the elusive breakthrough.

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

President Mega Need A Girl Who's Loyal Artiste Seek Happiness

Megerasie Medley best known as President Mega is now the artiste to watch with his new single and music Video called **Happiness** The unique track is a **M2DK ENTERTAINMENT**  Production 

In the single the artiste sing, I don't want to be alone, But I rather be alone, if i'm not gonna be happy, Need a girl who is loyal, somebody who's ready to love me. that's just a few lines, the ending he said, She come with her mouth full a tricks, A nuh Holiday, But she want gift.

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ARTISTS  : President Mega

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