Thursday, 24 November 2016

Reggae Artiste Cries For Peace In West Kingston And Other Surrounding Communities

Jillani who is crying said  a lot of life have been lost over the past few weeks in West Kingston and other surrounding communities “We must as a nation say enough is enough as we cannot continue to slaughter Men, Women and children. turning a blind eye to the problem will only result in heartache.”

The Recording artiste said it is not clear at this time but reports am getting from families and friends are that criminals involved in an ongoing gang feud in the division. Trading bullets, shooting people like pigeon causing a halt in activities in the area.
Since the start of 2016, Sixty-three women have died violently already in Australia or even more as we speak, Woman and Children being rape and murder in Africa, Jamaica, America, United Kingdom, and the rest of the world. Men who hate women so much they kill them with axes, burn them, stab them, beat them to death. They kill their children too or otherwise ruin their lives. 

I fear more than ever for the women and the girls I know.

“Absolutely no parent or guardian should have to endure the agonizing pain of having to bury their loved ones under these gruesome and heart-rending circumstances,”
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