Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Maggola Ready To Work


The artiste told "Djslick44 Music News" 
that he is ready to do some serious work, even extra-time to make his dreams a reality.
Since his return from Canada, he's working hard in the studio of futuristik records and upgrade to complete is Ep

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Major Mackerel Say Them No Bad

"Major Mackerel" hot again and nobody nuh see dem, Everybody want to see the champion-in-action. These are just a few words from his new single "Dem Nuh Bad" Produce by "China K

Bwoy say Dem bad, Dem A No-body
fi bad like we yuh have to badda than Addi
Yuh know man bad before yuh Granny have yuh mommy
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Hey Mama You Know The Bus Front?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Skully Hop The Real Deal

That's the word in the Street "Skully hop" the real deal and the next big Artist from Denham Town
just recently a post was made on a well known website called "JamaicaTakeOut"

Who is the real Dancehall deal "Gully Hop" or "Skully hop"?

Skully Hop’s who's  real name is David Thomas and he hails from the community of Denham Town in Kingston. He was previously know as ‘Righteous’ in the dancehall, and among those who know him, he is widely respected for his lyrical ability and his propensity to launch deadly lyrical clashes against any artist, big or small.

Skully Hop has performed extensively at dances throughout the Kingston area for years and scores of fans come out to see him and his side kick Pampie Fresh perform on Saturday mornings at the Coronation Market in downtown Kingston.

Skully Hop rose to prominence when a video clip of his performance ‘Mama’ was posted on the Internet and immediately went viral. He quickly changed his name from Righteous to Skully Hop amidst the buzz. He was recently signed to Punch This Records label, and he has been locked away in studio working on a new barrage of recordings.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nyah Bless Music Creating Air Waves

"Do It" endorses women's empowerment through music and dance.
While the song focuses on the 'physical benefits of dancing

it further elaborates on the power women find in having control of their bodies and sexuality. 
The song is produced by Karl Morrison of the "StarPlayer Music Group" for "Nyah Bless Music".
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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Uk Base Artiste Don Andre Diss Gage

Also Claims deejay stole his song

Dancehall artiste Don André has ignited a feud with Gage, claiming that the Throat deejay copied his song Evil Again. According to the former member of Tommy Lee's Sparta camp, his song was released first and he has proof.

"I released the song on the 19th of January, via Crush Road on YouTube, then couple days after, in fact the 22nd of the same month, Gage released a song, also called Evil Again,which mirrored the lyrics of my song," he said.

The artiste said his team approached Gage about the song. However, Gage decided to go on Instagram and rant and even called him (Don André) a copycat. The artiste has since released a diss song aimed at Gage called Walking Dead.

"The reason why I decided to diss him is because he made a statement saying I am a nobody and I am just looking a hype. Him nuh badda dan me and I find it so strange for somebody like Gage to be calling me a wannabe, when he hasn't got his own identity. He is nothing but a merge of Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee. Gage cannot clash me lyrically and he is not a better artiste than Don André ... self praise is no recommendation, but on this basis, I will definitely give myself some praises," he said. "If yu feel yu bad just answer the tune, a wey yu duh, scared? Yu sey yu a walking gun, but you are just a walking tongue because a pure chat yu a chat. Don't be a chicken, have some courage. You are always dropping shots at artistes, so now when you are on the receiving end, don't run away."

Gage was unavailable for comment. However, a message shared from his Instagram account regarding the issue shows that he does not intend to entertain a lyrical battle.

"Tell that ni@@a I voice that song from last year and gave it to a producer, I did not even know he would put it out. Tell this wannabe I only go on YouTube to check my stuff and see what World Boss have new. I don't even know this ni@@a, tell him he won't get the time of the day to get a hype. Their levels can't cross the barrier," read the post.

Don André recently charted in Costa Rica with an effort called Needle Eye.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Gully Bob Reponse To Expletive Attack

Dancehall artiste "Gully Bop" has addressed allegations made by a YouTube uploader that he was disrespectful to the person who crashed into his car recently during a video rant, in which Gully Bop described the car as having no insurance and being outdated.

In a lengthy video uploaded on YouTube, the seemingly upset man levelled several insults at Gully Bop.

"Gully Bop yu ugly nuh (expletive), it come een like Chin a fly up inna yu (expletive)." he stated along with disparaging comments about Gully Bop's mother.

Gully Bop in a response video cleared the air on the issue and also stated that he was unfairly insulted by the man, also said to be a promoter.

"Just coming out of an accident mi express my feelings and I could have expressed it a little better ... Right now, mi nuh rate yu fi a sey dat about me, you don't know anything about my mother. But your talk can't go anywhere, you not even show your face, suh stay behind di fence nuh matter how much bad comment yu mek the world still love mi," Gully Bop said.

Gully Bop's manager, Shauna Chin, also had some clarity to the controversy. She said persons involved in motor vehicle accidents aren't generally happy during the ordeal and Gully Bop was simply a regular person expressing his frustration because he could have been severely injured.


"We found out that the other car that crashed into us wasn't insured nor was the papers straight. The driver was rushing and could have killed us. Now tell me, who wouldn't be upset about that? Every driver have problems and everybody cuss when they are upset. But Gully Bop is the furthest from being hype. Right now him still wah climb ackee tree same way and dem regular things deh," she said.

According to Chin, the video of Gully Bop venting about the accident was edited and uploaded to stimulate controversy.

"The persons who did the video also cut out the parts where Gully Bop was saying good things and only highlighted the negative part. That is why we won't be doing no more interviews with them. We have spoken and I told him he has to be careful what he says to the media, because it can make you and break you," Chin told The STAR.

Special thanks to Jamaica Star writer Curtis Campbell for providing the news

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

iTunes - Music - Do It - Single by Imar Shephard

NOT many artistes or producers have had a lot of success blending reggae with soca, but for his latest song, singer "Imar Shepherd" thought fusing the two sounds would be a good idea.

"Do It" is the title of the song which is now available on "itunes" by "Nyah Bless Music" a Philadelphia-based company.

Do It is a song that empowers the ladies; there are not a lot of those around today," said Imar Shepherd. He added that Do It is also a stress-buster: "People can get up in the morning and exercise to it; it's real uptempo."

Shepherd has been recording with Nyah Bless for the last three years, but Do It is his first release for the label.

Born Omar Shephard, he is originally from Richmond Gap, St Thomas, and has been recording since 2007. His first release, Woman I Love You, was done in 2007 with Demarco.

This was followed by songs for various producers including 'Calibud' (Black and Beautiful) and Carl Morrison (Africa).

Imar said he have the material and a great team working with and just need for all radio dj to support, as well as his friends and fans to make his dreams into a reailty.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Feelings by Imar Shephard ft Nastassaji

Futuristik Musician Publicist "Djslick44" gave friends and Fans A Sneak Prieview of "Feelings" while playing at a Dance in Kingston, Jamaica.

Feelings is a new single written by
"Imar Shephard" ft "Nastassaji"
Produce by "Nyah Bless Music"

soon to be release on'"Itunes" February 10th, 2015

The song get a hugh response leaving people asking for more Watch, and listen how the dj introduce the song.

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Errol Dunkley Gave A Wonderful Performance At Jazz and Blues

Veteran reggae performer Errol Dunkley took Jazz and Blues 2015
patrons down memory lane as he opened the tribute to the late John Holt segment here at the Trelawny Stadium. 

The seasoned performer belted out hits of the past including, You're Gonna Need Me, Please Stop Your Lying and Black Cinderella. 

He topped off his performance with his biggest hit, OK Fred, which was written by John Holt

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Whitney Daughter found unresponsive in bathtub

The daughter of late singer and entertainer Whitney Houston was found unresponsive in a bathtub Saturday and taken to a hospital in the north Atlanta suburbs, police said.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found by her husband, Nick Gordon, and a friend and given CPR, said Officer Lisa Holland, a spokeswoman for the Roswell Police Department. When police arrived, they gave Brown additional care until she was taken alive to North Fulton Hospital.

The incident remains under investigation, police said.

Brown is the daughter of Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown. A representative for the family did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub on Feb. 11, 2012, in Beverly Hills, California. The 48-year-old Houston had struggled for years with cocaine, marijuana and pills, and her behaviour had become erratic.

Authorities examining Houston's death found a dozen prescription drug bottles in the hotel suite. They concluded that Houston accidentally drowned. Heart disease and cocaine use were listed as contributing factors in Houston's death.

Over her career, Houston sold more than 50 million records in the United States alone. Her voice, an ideal blend of power, grace and beauty, made classics out of songs like "Saving All My Love For You," ''I Will Always Love You," ''The Greatest Love of All" and "I'm Every Woman." Her six Grammys were only a fraction of her many awards.

Houston had her first No. 1 hit by the time she was 22, followed by a flurry of number one songs and multiplatinum