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The Tuff Talking Singjay also said that busy is a cover artist 

Relentless - All about The Money Mix by Djslick44

I Ants Makonen - Money A Wear

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dontay Crime Rifle Shot Connect

Janiel Bailey better known by his stage name "Dontay C.R.I.M.E" is now the artist to watch. 
The Recording artist/producer been doing great things since November 2013, working at Futuristik Recording Studio own and manage by Joel Gordon 

In a interview with Djslick44 Music News the Artist told Djslick44 he is happy to be working with Joel Gordon and Shandel Bertham and he is looking for greater things in the future
Confident at what he do best writing and making beats the Futuristik Recording Artist
said and i quote "team work mek the dream work" he also said his management team is competent enough to take his career to the next level 

written more than two dozen songs on most of his own beats some of which he recorded for Futuristik Recording Studio and Record label on beats produce by Shandel Bertham and Joel Gordon.
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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Silver Hawk defeated three sounds to become champions and pocketed $250,000

Scenes during Magnum Follow Ur Sound Sound clash competition held at Sugarman's Beach last Sunday. Silver Hawk defeated three other sounds to become champions and pocketed $250,000.Two beauties share the limelight. - Anthony Minott
Silver Hawk's veteran, DJ Richie Pooh, had to use all of his experience to hold off a steep challenge from Flava Unit's 21-year-old selector, Badda Bling, who earned much respect in a final showdown for the championship belt of the Magnum Follow Ur Sound clash at Sugarman's Beach last Sunday.

Silver Hawk also pocketed $250,000 for the win. The other two sounds in the clash, Sound Trooper and Body Guard, were eliminated in the third round.
Silver Hawk's Richie Pooh had this to say: "I knew we could beat Flava Unit in the dub-for-dub segment."
Flava Unit erred in the dub for dub segment by going 'Ole Skool', playing right into the hands of Silver Hawk, which has an arsenal of yesteryear dubplates. Being a 21st century disc jock, one would have expected Flava Unit's Badda Bling to have a modern-day catalogue of dubs, which could have put Silver Hawk under more pressure.

huge forward
However, Silver Hawk's selection of a Burru Banton dub had the crowd in a frenzy, the artiste on hand to witness the huge forward first hand.
During the dub-for-dub segment, Richie Pooh conversed: "Me is the only galis deh bout, me play di only woman dubplate for the night, with Judith Mowatt's Guilty".
Flava Unit went for Bounty's Lodge, while Silver Hawk responded with Tony Rebel's declaration, "A Reggae put Jamaica pon top"
However, Badda Bling was not ready to give up the ghost just yet saying, "I'm in a killing mood, we heart big and we brave", as he played a Shaggy dub - 'Flava Unit Bombastic'. The crowd exploded and the war was getting hotter.
In the end, however, all three judges - Dr Sonjah Stanley, senior lecturer (UWI), Donovan Dacres and Ninja Man, gave Silver Hawk the nod and commended Badda Bling for the high energy level he brought to the clash.

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Dancehall Artiste held in the US, for drugs


Merital Family performing together.

More Dancehall artistes continue to find themselves in trouble with the law, the latest being a member of dancehall group Merital Family, who was held in the US, for cocaine possession.

Trovoy Keneale Brackett, also a former member of Vybz Kartel's Gaza camp, was reportedly held by border-patrol agents at Manhattan's Hudson River on a ship sailing from St Maarten.
According to sources, the cocaine was found disguised in mixtures that weighed over five kilograms.
Fellow group member Derrick Edwards aka Corey, was very cautious when he spoke to the media. He says the news of Brakett's arrest has left him in shock.

last man standing
"We do all couple records since recently for NotNice ... a just me alone now; mi a di last man standing. He is still a part of Merital nuh care wey him deh. Mi haffi just duh the music same way fi me and him because a nuh dead him dead. It really depressing right now; mi just a tek a month break fi get back mi mind together; it's a really depressing time for me now, so I am just trying to regroup and just go back in the music because a music mi sey and a music mi duh. But mi feel a way sey him get himself inna da problem deh," he said in a recent interview.

Merital Family received popularity for their underground dancehall singles, which were regularly played at the controversial Passa Passa and Dutty Fridayz dancehall events. However, their biggest single was released in 2010, when they released My Money Ha Ha on the Strip Club rhythm, produced by Head Concussion Records.
Merital Family later left the Gaza camp, citing that Vybz Kartel had taken the credits for their song My Money Ha Hawithout their permission. The group recently released Dark and Evil produced by NotNice Records as well as On and On

News was provided by 
The Jamaica Star

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Bounty Killer Tell His Son Movado Fi Step, Step Now And Si If A Nuh Death

The 5 Star General Better Known as "Bounty Killer" In his latest Release said He is not forgiving they all know what they have done, ready fi kill di son, and the whola gully wash weh and done
He also told a certain individual to warn David Crooks or Brooks which he was referring to "Movado"
the war lord said and I Quote (step, step now, step nuh and si if a nuh death nuh)
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