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Friday, 28 March 2014


Vybz Kartel 

While fans and family of convicted dancehall artiste Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer anxiously await his sentencing fate, there is still a glimmer of hope as Justice Lennox Campbell is looking into options that would allow the deejay to record while behind bars.

Campbell made the pronouncement yesterday in the Home Circuit Court following the one-week postponement of the deejay's sentencing date.
The judge stated that he wanted to find out if the prison had rules governing persons with artistic talents such as Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm to continue to promote their music.
He also wanted to ascertain if it was open to the court to make recommendations that proceeds from their music be turned over to the estate of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.
recording equipment
If Kartel and Shawn Storm are given permission, they would not be the first artistes to record behind bars.
Siccaturie 'Jah Cure' Alcock, who was prosecuted in 1999 on charges of rape, robbery and gun possession, had access to recording equipment while incarcerated. Jah Cure recorded at least four songs including the chart topping singles Reflections and Longing For, before being released in 2007.
ehabilitation offering
Jah Cure's musical selections were done via the recording studio at the Tower Street Adult Correctional centre, which forms part of the institution's rehabilitation offering.
Though speculation had been rife that the self proclaimed 'World Boss' had been recording music while he awaited trial, these allegations were vehemently denied by the deejay's producers and management team.
Jamaican artistes aren't the only ones capitalising on rehabilitation offerings while behind bars. American rappers Gucci Mane, Shyne, Tony Yayo and Cassidy are just a few of the artistes who have released recordings while locked up.
Kartel, Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones and Andre St John were found guilty of the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams. The sentencing will take place on April 3.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Major Mackerel "Gimmi A Light" Digitalize Records Production

Trees Is something that most people love, Some will light or burn it for a good reason. 
Major Mackerel has now release a song produce by Digitalize Records distribited By
21st Hapilos Digital Distribution

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Biggis Boss New Single "Caught By A Bullet" Creating Air-Wave

Delroy Brissett Other wise known as Biggis Boss A multitalented entrepreneur, producer, singer, songwriter, and promoter, who his best known  for his 2011 single "vedaloca", a song that has a mix of dance hall, hip-hop and Spanish. It's about a girl named Monalisa the song entails the life of Monalisa and her love for dancing from she was young produced by unleashed records. 

The Recording artiste his now promoting his latest hit single "Caught by a Bullett" a track that is creating air-wave both local and International market. Soon to be Release On Itunes, so far many have listen to the track and said it has bring back memories of their friends and love ones kill in the west Kingston Incursion and give the writer and producer a trumps up for a song well written and produce by Delroy Brissett and Richard Goofy Campbell of unleashed Records.
Listen and leave your Comment 
Having experienced some of the most violent incidents in The Past, A mother of two told a news reporter that she thought she had passed through the worst. 
 A bloody clash between gunmen and security forces in the area in which she lived resulted in dozens of deaths. She said "Trus' mi, mi live inna the area fi years an" a the worst mi ever si
"She said the security force could of handle it mush better because most a the people who  lost their life are innocent people."
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Friday, 7 March 2014

Hip-Hop Artiste Busta Rhymes, Showed His Support for Vybz Kartel

Iconic American hip-hop artiste Busta Rhymes,  showed his support for Vybz Kartel by attending the court proceedings along with several fans of the incarcerated deejay who anxiously await his pending trial verdict.
The rapper's appearance was unannounced. However, he did mention on Twitter that he wanted coconut while in the island. "First stop, Coconut Jelly in Jamaica," he tweeted.
On location, the rapper was very tight-lipped about his visit, stating that he would be better prepared to speak after a final decision is made on Vybz Kartel's fate.
Vybz Kartel has collaborated with Busta Rhymes twice, on efforts called Twerk It and Wine Go Down. The rapper also showed his respect for Kartel during an interview with overseas media channel VLAD TV.
"Vybz Kartel is a very intriguing artiste to work with. I don't really have nothing to think about his situation because I don't know all of the truth about it and it is none of my business. At the end of the day, I just know about my experiences with him, and I know what he does for me and music. He is an inspiring motherand he works hard too," Busta Rhymes continued.
"The thing I found more intriguing is how he was able to evolve what the now reggae artiste should be like, whether you agree with it or you don't. His perspective of what the now reggae artiste should be is what differentiates him from everything that I have seen a long time in reggae artistes. He understands how to incorporate shock value with incredible music. He does things on the shock value level that we might look at as very crazy."
"I wouldn't say he is the Rick James of reggae because he is not a clown, that ain't Kartel. He is still looked at as being very serious, even though he is very entertaining. I just respect what he does with his music and I hope that his situation works out for him because he has a lot more to contribute," Busta Rhymes added.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Royalties tour JDF, Where IS L.A.Lewis and THE Goddess MOlly Cavali?

His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex (2nd left), and Her Royal Highness, the Countess of Wessex (left), accompanied by Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Major General Antony Anderson (2nd  right), are chauffeured in a ceremonial jeep during their visit at the Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) headquarters, Up Park Camp, St Andrew. The vehicle, which has been in operation since Jamaica attained political independence from Great Britain in 1962, served as one of the modes of transport for Her Majesty the Queen, during official visits to the country by her, or her representative, for a number of years.

ST ANDREW, Jamaica - His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, and Her Royal Highness, the Countess of Wessex on Tuesday visited the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) headquarters at Up Park Camp in St Andrew.
The tour formed part of the Royalties' four-day working visit to Jamaica, between March 2 and 5.


Lil Jon - File

His uncanny ability to create popular songs and catch phrases has certainly paid off for dancehall artiste Chi Ching Ching, who was recently contacted by international rap star Lil Jon to do an official remix.
Ironically, it was Lil Jon who first released his song Turn Down For What, which was later remixed by Chi Ching Ching.
"I took the instrumentals from his song and I did a remix for it, which was produced by Eccentrix Sound. I remixed it with Lil Jon's voice in the intro, and then I added a new verse to it and did a video. I released it on websites and on social media, and one day Lil Jon sent me a tweet about it," Chi Ching Ching told THE STAR.
The One Knock deejay has since been in dialogue with Lil Jon about releasing an official remix to the song.
"I felt really great when I saw the tweet. Is like a World Cup atmosphere when mi see it. It's good to know that I've been putting in the work and it's being recognized. Me a work hard and mi ting a reach out there to the masses. My music has wings, it's traveling. It feels good to know that Lil Jon reached out to Chi Ching. I'm speechless," he said.
He added that the feedback locally has also been overwhelming.
"Everybody love the song. Dung to the baby dem love it. It's always a go when mi get a hip hop rhythm, becauseOne Knock was also on a hip hop rhythm. I kinda knew it was gonna do well, because mi cut out fi hits, mi nuh cut out fi miss. Mi cut out fi Rihanna, not for Chris," he said.
While waiting to hear back from Lil Jon's management team in regards to the official remix, Chi Ching Ching says he is gearing up for his second European tour. The tour will kick off mid-March, and will make stops in Sweden, Germany and Italy.
He is also busy in studios working on new material to be released later in the year.
Chi Ching Ching

News Provided By Davina Henry, Staff Reporter @ Jamaica Star

Monday, 3 March 2014

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wuza Don Diss Alkaline's with his anal licking lyrics that angers fans

Dancehall artiste "Alkaline" has received strong backlash from dancehall fans and recording artiste "Wuza Don" from Futuristik Records following the release of a controversial single on So Unique Records Igloo rhythm in which "Alkaline" endorses anal-stimulating sex.
In the song (title unfit for publication), "Alkaline" stated that after receiving oral sex, having his rectum licked by a female is 'brawta',  But Wuza Don as made it clear that he should keep his freaky life style to his-self  The Futuristik Recording artiste has Release a new single on the "Take Over Riddim"  (title unfit for publication) in the starting of the song "Wuza Don" stated that "Alkaline" use his teeth to tear off di Gal Panty line

Several YouTubers have expressed that the "Alkaline" song has pushed the sexual boundaries of dancehall too far, since anal-stimulating sex is a topic that is still very taboo in dancehall music.
The controversy behind the lyrics has garnered much attention on YouTube and has seen the song receiving over 30,000 views in just three days, more than any other song on the rhythm including Vybz Kartel's You Want Me. However, the commentators weren't very supportive of the young artiste.
"Jah know star this a nuh dancehall dawg ... mi no rate the evolution of the music at all ... too many artistes are using shocking value to cover the fact that their song lack substance and not sustainable ... #SaveDancehall?," YouTuber Phashon Don posted.
killing dancehall
While another YouTuber Anesu Soko posted "Dancehall turning to R&B ... di yute think him ah Chris Brown ... the only people singing real dancehall right now are the Big Ship family, Mad Cobra, Bounty Killer, Ninja Man, Konshens, Busy Signal, Assassin and di rest are just f... killing dancehall day by day?".
Even the crowned Queen of Dancehall Lady Saw who has been described as the Queen of Slackness at times, said she could not relate to the lyrics.
"I can' relate to the story, that is so gross. Everybody wants to be Vybz Kartel, I can't even comment on it," Lady Saw said.
Reggae artiste I-Wayne also condemned the lyrics. He also believes that artistes who want to push dancehall's boundaries further than Vybz Kartel are in for serious trouble.
"Him a try see if him can go further than Vybz Kartel, and any man try beat Kartel will find themselves in serious mess and trouble," he said.
I-Wayne also believes young artistes are doing freaky music because it is more marketable. "Dem realise sey from yu guh freaky yu get more attention more than the youth dem wey a duh positive music. Dem just a try get fame and a materialism a cause that. I don't think Alkaline would want his daughter to lick out a man anus. Dem talk deh a nuh life talk," I-Wayne declared.
The Life Seeds singer also advised, "Youth unno just keep the focus and keep it real and be yourself. Instead of wasting time betta unno guh learn a trade yah man," he said.
Efforts to get a comment from Alkaline were unsuccessful, however, a post from his Facebook page suggested that he was merely singing about what is taking place in society.
"How mi fi tek it too far when all mi sing bout a weh me see a gwan # wat a brawta lol," the post on his Facebook page read.
Dancehall artiste Dwayno also counteracted Alkaline's song with an effort called Mr Fagotty Alkaline, in which he suggests that if the deejay is prepared to make somebody put their tongue in his rectum, he will do other taboo acts.
"So a man thinketh so is he. Yu know mi nuh talk this fi get nuh hype but the truth is the truth, the word that cometh from thy mouth defileth thy body. Some man forget bout Leviticus 30 suh right now mi a stand up fi dancehall can't mek people classify wi and dem as the same thing nuh time,"Dwayno said in the outro of the 'dis' record.

Managing Director of Irie FM, "Chad Young" Died February 27, At His Home

Chad Young

The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Irie FM, Chad Young, died yesterday at his home in St Ann.
THE WEEKEND STAR gathered that Young, 27, died following a brief illness.
Karl Young, Chad's dad, died approximately four years ago, leaving him in charge of management and control of the Grove Broadcasting Company to include sister station ZIP 103FM.
Staff members at the St Ann-based radio station have expressed deep sorrow over Young's passing. There have also been outpouring of condolences via social media:
DJ Naz wrote: "R.I.P #chad Young, condolences to @iriefm and @zipfm family".
Deejay Charly Black wrote: "R.I.P CHAD YOUNG FROM @IRIE_FM @zip103fm".
Jordanne Patrice wrote: "Sending condolences to the Zip and Irie FM family and also his family. RIP Chad Young."
Entertainer QQ wrote: "My condolences to the family and friends of Chad Young and to the team at both @zip103 FM and @IRIE FM sorry to hear this sad news."

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DJs refuse to play Freaky dancehall singjay J Amsterdam music

J Amsterdam- File

Freaky dancehall singjay J Amsterdam says local DJs are refusing to play his music because they are afraid of the stigma.
According to the Wine Inna Mi Face singer, Jamaica's music industry is not prepared for his level of 'freakishness'.
"I think they don't want to play the song because they don't want to be associated with that kind of thing, and that's why so many people were going against it on Facebook," he said.
The singjay also said while he does not blame DJs for not playing his song in an attempt to protect their reputation, its blatant hypocrisy.
"If DJs played it, they would get 'fire bun' and honestly, I don't think they would want to risk their career," J Amsterdam said.
He also told THE STAR that he misjudged the level of backlash he would get for releasing the controversial single, and even made an attempt to retract his admission to having performed oral sex.
"I can't go anywhere right now, and I have been getting death threats. I have stayed in my house for three days without going outside. I have not done the things I said in the song, I was just trying to fulfil my dreams of having a lucrative career. When I did the song I thought the freaks would have supported me, but they have not," he said.
J Amsterdam also commented on Alkaline's 'anal licking' lyrics saying, "Alkaline is making it bad for me right now because people feel that he did the anal licking line because of me, Demarco and Ricky Carty. But what he did in his song with one line is worse than my entire song. This did me more harm than good because I have received no bookings, not even Tiana or D'Angel want to be associated with me. Persons have to be hypocrites to survive in this industry ... Jamaica is not ready for it, and even though I said oral sex in the song, I have never performed it," J Amsterdam added.

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