Thursday, 4 December 2014

West Kingston Jamboree is back!

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AFTER a four-year absence the annual "West Kingston Jamboree" returns to the Tivoli Gardens play-field in Kingston on Sunday 7th of December 2014
The stage show -- which had its genesis in 1999 -- was discontinued by the security forces after the unrest of May 2010 which saw 73 civilians losing their lives. Three members of Jamaica's security forces also lost their lives in the operation. An inquiry in that incident is currently under way at Jamaica Conference Center in downtown Kingston.
"West Kingston on a whole has been through a lot. Based on the trauma and the things that the community went through, they need some form of stress relief," said Oneil Coke, director of Liv Up Records, whose company is organizing the event.
According to Coke, entertainment events have been lacking since 2010, but with the revival of Jamboree there will be more in store.
Scheduled for a 7:00 pm start, Sunday's performances include Dancehall acts such as Beenie Man, Sizzla, I-Octane, Elephant Man, Demarco, Christopher Martin, George Nooks, Horace Andy, Ken Boothe, Major Mackerel, Bugle, I Shawna, Cutty Corn, Dontay Crime and many more.
"Everyone knows what to expect when it come on to West Kingston Jamboree," said Coke.
He told the Jamaica Observer and Djslick44 Music News that the event is about 'oneness'. He said he is urging patrons from the surrounding communities and other parishes to come out and have fun together.
"Jamboree has always been the show. It's a Jamaica show, come out, you will be totally safe," he said.
Preceding the stage show is a fun day which will include football, netball and other competitions.
Coke also expressed thanks to Senior Superintendent of Police Steve McGregor, head of the West Kingston Police Division, and the artistes who made the event possible.
special thanks to Cecelia Campbell reporter @ The Jamaica observer.
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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Alkaline Disses Bounty Killer And Foota

He is no stranger to controversy, dancehall artiste Alkaline is once again making headlines for his latest song Anywhere We Go, which makes disparaging remarks about Bounty Killer and selector Foota Hype.

In the controversial song, the artiste deejays:

"Me gal friend know how the ting go and she haffi buil or she will get a right...

No gal caan clown man, after me nuh Killa nor bayman Foota Hype

People say me chat a bag a madness, anyting me say, mek sense, just pree

social media

How you fi tell me you a gyallis when from yuh born yuh never catch a STD"

The preview of the song, which was produced by ZJ Chrome, was released two days ago and has already been making the rounds on social media, with fans of the Grung Gaad calling for a boycott of Alkaline.

Not one to hold back, Bounty Killer immediately took to Instagram and berated ZJ Chrome for the song.

"Boy Chrome you celebrating to produce a song a diss me. Nice, mi like it. Although me done know you are a Gaza fg from long time. Anything unuh get, unuh fi tek."

Chrome immediately responded, informing Bounty Killer that he was not celebrating but rather promoting his production.

When contacted, Foota Hype told THE STAR that the song was not important to him.

"That song is unimportant to me. The line that Alkaline said about me is more fitting to him. Anybody look pon Foota Hype see that I am a real and straight man. When I look at that creature, I see somebody that is shaky. Alkaline is the ultimate meaning of shakiness," Foota Hype said.

He also blasted Alkaline for his obsession with Vybz Kartel.

"I am the most talked about human being in dancehall right now so of course Alkaline a go call me name. Alkaline just caan handle the fact that Kartel is the hottest deejay in a dancehall. Him a dress like Kartel and a tief the man style. Him obsessed with Kartel. Dem better put him in Addi cell," Foota Hype told THE STAR.

Friday, 31 October 2014


Front Paage Recording Artist Vypa has release his new single soon to be release on Itunes entitled Ebola on the High Ride Reggae Instrumental.

Vypa is simply saying this virus isn't something you want to catch Ebola is a disease of humans and other primates caused by ebolaviruses.

Signs and symptoms typically start between two days and three weeks after contracting the virus as a fever, sore throat, muscle pain and headaches.

Then, vomiting, diarrhea and rash usually follow, along with decreased function of the liver and kidneys.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dub Session with Fyakin

Get two Dubplate for the price of one from recording artist Fyakin famous for hits like "You are my lady" and "She is Real" available for limited time only.

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The Uncontainables Selectors Ready

How long have you been in the music business? Six years

How many clashes have you won? None

How many clashes have you lost? None

Which selector are you most looking forward to clashing with, and why?

Fire Links, because him full a argument.

Which team are you least looking forward to, and why?

None, we doubt no one.

Which round are you least looking forward to?

The juggling round.

Why will you win the million-dollar prize?

Because Uncontainables have what it takes to win.

How will you spend the million dollars if you win?

Start a small business.

What has been your most memorable clash experience?


What would you like to say to your competitors?

Beware. Silent river runs deep.

The Uncontainables will face off against Richie Feelings in the first of the clashes in the Magnum All-Star Face-Off on October 30, at Famous Night Club, Portmore, St Catherine.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dwayno time to shine

IN 2012, deejay Dwayno gained much attention with the single Don A Road Don A Jail. The song was an ode to his incarcerated musical mentor Vybz Kartel.

He is hoping to replicate that success with his latest track Longing.

"Longing is a song for the lovers. It's a song about me missing my significant other when I am on the road. It's really catchy and so far it has been building my fan base," the 29-year-old said.

Released in August, Longing is produced by Infinite Records.

Dwayno -- whose given name is Dwayne Forrester -- grew up in Old Harbour, St Catherine. He said he developed a passion for deejaying while attending Vere Technical High School in Clarendon.

The deejay said that in 2007, using the moniker Gangster Wasp, he met the dancehall artiste Famous Face.

"I started hanging around the deejay, but I never recorded. Instead, I penned singles for other artistes," he said,

while noting that he wrote Voicemail's Give Her.

In 2010, he recorded 100 Gyal with Famous Face.

Among his releases are Love Yuh Bad, Wine and Brace, You Me Love, Without Clothes and Any Boy Diss.

Dwayno is slated for several gigs in Guyana and the United States. However, one in Zimbabwe has him really concerned.

"I have a two-week mini tour of Zimbabwe in late January. I am really anticipating this performance but it all boils down to how controlled the Ebola outbreak will be," he said.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dwayno - Sound Fi Dead - Punany Riddim

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dontay Crime - All The While Dem Dweet - Mixtape

Dontay C.r.i.m.e "Creating_Rhymes_Intelligently_Musically_Experienced" 
01 Dontay Crime - Interview with Djslick44
02 Dontay Crime - God Nah Sleep
03 Dontay Crime - Syrian Gal
04 Dontay Crime - Rifle Shot Will Spin Yuh
05 Dontay Crime - Babylon Kill Off 
06 Dontay Crime - Pass Me A Light
07 Dontay Crime - Sen On Dat
08 Dontay Crime - Try Fi War Mi (Raw)
09 Dontay Crime - She Nuh Care Bout Him
10 Dontay Crime - Touch R Deh Suh
11 Dontay Crime - Nah sell Out
12 Dontay Crime - I'M Addicted 2 U
13 Dontay Crime - Love Is In The Air 
14 Dontay Crime - Love Is In The Air (Raw)
15 Dontay Crime - God Protect Me
16 Donaty Crime - Your My Mommy
17 Dontay Crime - Bear Gal A Search
18 Dontay Crime - Yuh Nuh See A Holiday
19 Dontay Crime - Black RR
20 Donaty Crime - Dem Too Red Eye (featuring) I Ants Makonen

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Djslick44 Top 5 Mama Songs for 2014

I-Wayne - Love and Honour for Mama @ Number 5
Vybz Kartel - Mother's Love @ Number 4
Sizzla - Mama Pain - Lexzona Muzyk Production  @ Number 3
Dontay Crime - Your My Mommy @ Number 2
Vybz Kartel Aka Addi Innocent Ft. Pg 13 (Lil Addi & Lil Vybz) - Love Mummy @ Number 1 

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Advertise with Ramona the person behind The Voicebox

Ramona has managed to manipulate the accents and tones of the British, the French, the Russian and the Spanish for a fun and flirty vibe in advertisements. It makes so much sense for these “characters” to be utilized in this manner, as persons want their themed events to reflect what they promote and advertise.Very Talented, witty, determined, bold and genuine are words often used to describe the persona behind The Voicebox. that was officialized on the second day of September 2010.

This muliti-accented VoiceOver Specialist is unique simply because of the variety offered. Jamaica has never seen one of this kind. Armed with a variety of accents and sounds, it’s almost hard to believe that these voices literally come from one individual, but they do!

Since the inception of The Voicebox, Ramona has voiced drops and promotional announcements for DJ’s and Promoters in Australia, Miami and her very own island Jamaica. She is the official voice over talent for the popular beach party ‘Sunkiss’ which party goers enjoy twice a year, and was the voice behind two of the ten year anniversary ads for ATI 2010. Some of the other popular local events include Five Fridays, Russian Roulette and more. You can also hear interludes from her on Izah Bing’s hits 92 show.

The Voicebox is not limited however to only voiceovers. Some of the other services include Presenting/Hosting of infomercials, live events and Television programmes. She was the host for MDTV’s Out and About, and the host for Digital Microsystems’ DVD and YouTube infomercial. “Speaking for a living is not a problem for me”; she states, it’s really what I do best

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dontay Crime Rifle Shot Connect

Janiel Bailey better known by his stage name "Dontay C.R.I.M.E" is now the artist to watch. 
The Recording artist/producer been doing great things since November 2013, working at Futuristik Recording Studio own and manage by Joel Gordon 

In a interview with Djslick44 Music News the Artist told Djslick44 he is happy to be working with Joel Gordon and Shandel Bertham and he is looking for greater things in the future
Confident at what he do best writing and making beats the Futuristik Recording Artist
said and i quote "team work mek the dream work" he also said his management team is competent enough to take his career to the next level 

written more than two dozen songs on most of his own beats some of which he recorded for Futuristik Recording Studio and Record label on beats produce by Shandel Bertham and Joel Gordon.
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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Silver Hawk defeated three sounds to become champions and pocketed $250,000

Scenes during Magnum Follow Ur Sound Sound clash competition held at Sugarman's Beach last Sunday. Silver Hawk defeated three other sounds to become champions and pocketed $250,000.Two beauties share the limelight. - Anthony Minott
Silver Hawk's veteran, DJ Richie Pooh, had to use all of his experience to hold off a steep challenge from Flava Unit's 21-year-old selector, Badda Bling, who earned much respect in a final showdown for the championship belt of the Magnum Follow Ur Sound clash at Sugarman's Beach last Sunday.

Silver Hawk also pocketed $250,000 for the win. The other two sounds in the clash, Sound Trooper and Body Guard, were eliminated in the third round.
Silver Hawk's Richie Pooh had this to say: "I knew we could beat Flava Unit in the dub-for-dub segment."
Flava Unit erred in the dub for dub segment by going 'Ole Skool', playing right into the hands of Silver Hawk, which has an arsenal of yesteryear dubplates. Being a 21st century disc jock, one would have expected Flava Unit's Badda Bling to have a modern-day catalogue of dubs, which could have put Silver Hawk under more pressure.

huge forward
However, Silver Hawk's selection of a Burru Banton dub had the crowd in a frenzy, the artiste on hand to witness the huge forward first hand.
During the dub-for-dub segment, Richie Pooh conversed: "Me is the only galis deh bout, me play di only woman dubplate for the night, with Judith Mowatt's Guilty".
Flava Unit went for Bounty's Lodge, while Silver Hawk responded with Tony Rebel's declaration, "A Reggae put Jamaica pon top"
However, Badda Bling was not ready to give up the ghost just yet saying, "I'm in a killing mood, we heart big and we brave", as he played a Shaggy dub - 'Flava Unit Bombastic'. The crowd exploded and the war was getting hotter.
In the end, however, all three judges - Dr Sonjah Stanley, senior lecturer (UWI), Donovan Dacres and Ninja Man, gave Silver Hawk the nod and commended Badda Bling for the high energy level he brought to the clash.

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Dancehall Artiste held in the US, for drugs


Merital Family performing together.

More Dancehall artistes continue to find themselves in trouble with the law, the latest being a member of dancehall group Merital Family, who was held in the US, for cocaine possession.

Trovoy Keneale Brackett, also a former member of Vybz Kartel's Gaza camp, was reportedly held by border-patrol agents at Manhattan's Hudson River on a ship sailing from St Maarten.
According to sources, the cocaine was found disguised in mixtures that weighed over five kilograms.
Fellow group member Derrick Edwards aka Corey, was very cautious when he spoke to the media. He says the news of Brakett's arrest has left him in shock.

last man standing
"We do all couple records since recently for NotNice ... a just me alone now; mi a di last man standing. He is still a part of Merital nuh care wey him deh. Mi haffi just duh the music same way fi me and him because a nuh dead him dead. It really depressing right now; mi just a tek a month break fi get back mi mind together; it's a really depressing time for me now, so I am just trying to regroup and just go back in the music because a music mi sey and a music mi duh. But mi feel a way sey him get himself inna da problem deh," he said in a recent interview.

Merital Family received popularity for their underground dancehall singles, which were regularly played at the controversial Passa Passa and Dutty Fridayz dancehall events. However, their biggest single was released in 2010, when they released My Money Ha Ha on the Strip Club rhythm, produced by Head Concussion Records.
Merital Family later left the Gaza camp, citing that Vybz Kartel had taken the credits for their song My Money Ha Hawithout their permission. The group recently released Dark and Evil produced by NotNice Records as well as On and On

News was provided by 
The Jamaica Star

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Bounty Killer Tell His Son Movado Fi Step, Step Now And Si If A Nuh Death

The 5 Star General Better Known as "Bounty Killer" In his latest Release said He is not forgiving they all know what they have done, ready fi kill di son, and the whola gully wash weh and done
He also told a certain individual to warn David Crooks or Brooks which he was referring to "Movado"
the war lord said and I Quote (step, step now, step nuh and si if a nuh death nuh)
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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Try Know Your Rights When You Talk To Police And Don't Violate When it comes to Police.

This Song You Hear in The Video Clip was written to show you the lack of respect some of our citizens show to the security forces as the police who have sworn on oath to serve and protect show lack of respect for citizens and abuse their rights or property

The phrase, "Teach Us True respect For All", Is one of the most important lines in The National Anthem. The lack of respect that some of our people show toward law and order, and for The Police in particular, as well as the lack of respect that some police officers show toward the people must change.

As a member of the Force you have sworn on oath to uphold the rights of all citizen and to protect their property and themselves from harm as part of your professional responsibilities. you have committed yourself to treating all citizens equally, 

Whether or Not your are a Jamaican, American, Canadian, Ethiopian, or a British citizens you have, though your constitution, the right to life and to be treated equally, regardless of your Race, Color, Domicile (Where you live), religion, gender or political opinion

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Thursday, 3 April 2014


Many people cry tears when they heard the Sentencing for "Adidja Azim Palmer" better Known as "Vybz kartel", Who got life in Prison earlier today. 10 year old, Junior who lives in Kingston was about to cry when he made a statement Dancehall inna prison and Reggae Dead, But lucky for Junior his bigger brother Ted heard his statement and was quick to remind and educate him about Dancehall and Reggae, But did he do a great job?

This is what his bigger brother had to say quote "hold on a second, A weh yuh Get that from? Dancehall nuh inna Prison, Reggae Nuh dead and Babylon nuh have nothing pon Dancehall nor Reggae, But dem need fi free up back Dancehall,

his smaller brother remain quiet, so he said "Oh so yuh deaf, Dumb and Blind? Junior then reply "Suh mi a idiot now? in which Ted said No! Mi Nuh Seh yuh a idiot, But if yuh don't know who represent fi Dancehall, don't think mi a go be the one fi tell yuh what is Dancehall.

Ted said to his smaller brother Junior Yuh Need fi do your own research on Dancehall and Reggae and Don't come tell mi say Reggae born on a farm the 6 of February 1945 and dead from 11th May 1981, I would feel much better if you said it was  Ska, or Rocksteady  These were the two "precursors" to Reggae.

Junior reply Ted, Please tell me what you just said? excuse my language said Ted the bigger brother allow me Junior to break it down so you can understand, I said "Ska and Rocksteady" are the forefather, father, parent, ancestor, However, that doesn't really explain what Reggae is. he said let get back to the issue at hand Dancehall nuh inna prison and Reggae nuh Dead

The smaller brother then said "Ok Ted, So tell me what is Dancehall really nuh man? is it Ninja Man, Shabba Ranks, Super Cat or Sizzla, Bounty killer The five star General No! said Ted to Junior laughing out loud yuh still nuh understand you need to go on the internet and Google search what is Dancehall?

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Friday, 28 March 2014


Vybz Kartel 

While fans and family of convicted dancehall artiste Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer anxiously await his sentencing fate, there is still a glimmer of hope as Justice Lennox Campbell is looking into options that would allow the deejay to record while behind bars.

Campbell made the pronouncement yesterday in the Home Circuit Court following the one-week postponement of the deejay's sentencing date.
The judge stated that he wanted to find out if the prison had rules governing persons with artistic talents such as Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm to continue to promote their music.
He also wanted to ascertain if it was open to the court to make recommendations that proceeds from their music be turned over to the estate of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.
recording equipment
If Kartel and Shawn Storm are given permission, they would not be the first artistes to record behind bars.
Siccaturie 'Jah Cure' Alcock, who was prosecuted in 1999 on charges of rape, robbery and gun possession, had access to recording equipment while incarcerated. Jah Cure recorded at least four songs including the chart topping singles Reflections and Longing For, before being released in 2007.
ehabilitation offering
Jah Cure's musical selections were done via the recording studio at the Tower Street Adult Correctional centre, which forms part of the institution's rehabilitation offering.
Though speculation had been rife that the self proclaimed 'World Boss' had been recording music while he awaited trial, these allegations were vehemently denied by the deejay's producers and management team.
Jamaican artistes aren't the only ones capitalising on rehabilitation offerings while behind bars. American rappers Gucci Mane, Shyne, Tony Yayo and Cassidy are just a few of the artistes who have released recordings while locked up.
Kartel, Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones and Andre St John were found guilty of the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams. The sentencing will take place on April 3.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Major Mackerel "Gimmi A Light" Digitalize Records Production

Trees Is something that most people love, Some will light or burn it for a good reason. 
Major Mackerel has now release a song produce by Digitalize Records distribited By
21st Hapilos Digital Distribution

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Now Available on Itunes 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Biggis Boss New Single "Caught By A Bullet" Creating Air-Wave

Delroy Brissett Other wise known as Biggis Boss A multitalented entrepreneur, producer, singer, songwriter, and promoter, who his best known  for his 2011 single "vedaloca", a song that has a mix of dance hall, hip-hop and Spanish. It's about a girl named Monalisa the song entails the life of Monalisa and her love for dancing from she was young produced by unleashed records. 

The Recording artiste his now promoting his latest hit single "Caught by a Bullett" a track that is creating air-wave both local and International market. Soon to be Release On Itunes, so far many have listen to the track and said it has bring back memories of their friends and love ones kill in the west Kingston Incursion and give the writer and producer a trumps up for a song well written and produce by Delroy Brissett and Richard Goofy Campbell of unleashed Records.
Listen and leave your Comment 
Having experienced some of the most violent incidents in The Past, A mother of two told a news reporter that she thought she had passed through the worst. 
 A bloody clash between gunmen and security forces in the area in which she lived resulted in dozens of deaths. She said "Trus' mi, mi live inna the area fi years an" a the worst mi ever si
"She said the security force could of handle it mush better because most a the people who  lost their life are innocent people."
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Friday, 7 March 2014

Hip-Hop Artiste Busta Rhymes, Showed His Support for Vybz Kartel

Iconic American hip-hop artiste Busta Rhymes,  showed his support for Vybz Kartel by attending the court proceedings along with several fans of the incarcerated deejay who anxiously await his pending trial verdict.
The rapper's appearance was unannounced. However, he did mention on Twitter that he wanted coconut while in the island. "First stop, Coconut Jelly in Jamaica," he tweeted.
On location, the rapper was very tight-lipped about his visit, stating that he would be better prepared to speak after a final decision is made on Vybz Kartel's fate.
Vybz Kartel has collaborated with Busta Rhymes twice, on efforts called Twerk It and Wine Go Down. The rapper also showed his respect for Kartel during an interview with overseas media channel VLAD TV.
"Vybz Kartel is a very intriguing artiste to work with. I don't really have nothing to think about his situation because I don't know all of the truth about it and it is none of my business. At the end of the day, I just know about my experiences with him, and I know what he does for me and music. He is an inspiring motherand he works hard too," Busta Rhymes continued.
"The thing I found more intriguing is how he was able to evolve what the now reggae artiste should be like, whether you agree with it or you don't. His perspective of what the now reggae artiste should be is what differentiates him from everything that I have seen a long time in reggae artistes. He understands how to incorporate shock value with incredible music. He does things on the shock value level that we might look at as very crazy."
"I wouldn't say he is the Rick James of reggae because he is not a clown, that ain't Kartel. He is still looked at as being very serious, even though he is very entertaining. I just respect what he does with his music and I hope that his situation works out for him because he has a lot more to contribute," Busta Rhymes added.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Royalties tour JDF, Where IS L.A.Lewis and THE Goddess MOlly Cavali?

His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex (2nd left), and Her Royal Highness, the Countess of Wessex (left), accompanied by Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Major General Antony Anderson (2nd  right), are chauffeured in a ceremonial jeep during their visit at the Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) headquarters, Up Park Camp, St Andrew. The vehicle, which has been in operation since Jamaica attained political independence from Great Britain in 1962, served as one of the modes of transport for Her Majesty the Queen, during official visits to the country by her, or her representative, for a number of years.

ST ANDREW, Jamaica - His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, and Her Royal Highness, the Countess of Wessex on Tuesday visited the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) headquarters at Up Park Camp in St Andrew.
The tour formed part of the Royalties' four-day working visit to Jamaica, between March 2 and 5.