Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jay Prince praises moms with 'Fi Mama'

Live MB Music recording artiste, Jay Prince, is busy promoting his latest single, 'Fi Mama', in the streets.
The song is a stirring tribute to mothers everywhere who oftentimes are sole breadwinners for their struggling families.
"This is an important song for me, and I feel great that the response has been incredible so far. Mi do an interview on RJR, and the people Dem love it," Jay Prince said.
He will be releasing a video, directed by Ramon Lindsay, for the project this week.
"We premiered the song in Kingston at Nipples Tuesday,while a couple of selectors have been playing it in the rural areas. Sala Hype told me he dropped it in St Elizabeth a few days ago, right after a big Octane song, and it wheel up about seven times," Jay Prince said.
The song is distributed by Hapilos 21st Digital Distribution.
The 21-year-old, who once pushed a handcart to support himself in downtown Kingston, first captivated the imagination of the public with Concrete Jungle.
That song spoke of inhumane conditions of the inner city that have created a generation of bloody gun violence, broken families and shattered dreams.He has continued down that path with singles such as My Life and Eternal Love, which went number-one on HYPE TV's VTX chart.
Jay Prince will be releasing Ride Or Die Empress (Shotgun) within the next couple weeks.
"With my new management team, Live MB Music, I am confident that I can carve out a place in the industry this year," he said.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Skatta pleased with Foota hype appearance

Skatta Burrell pleased with selector's appearance on Magnum Kings and Queens

There is still a lot of talk about Saturday night's episode of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contest on TVJ, that featured selector Oneil 'Foota Hype' Thomas as a guest judge on the panel.

The airing of that episode of the popular hit talent contest was injected with added intrigue, given the much-publicised feud between judge Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell and 'Foota Hype', sparked by a love triangle involving Downsound recording artiste Ishawna, who is also the mother of Foota Hype's son.

"I'm glad to know I could be a part of one of the most entertaining nights on television. As far as the so called mix-up is concerned, I think it's staler than dry Easter bun.

"I just want to clear the air that I harbour no resentment for Foota Hype, and regardless of what anyone thinks, it's just not in my character to feud with a man over woman issues," Skatta Burrell said in a statement.

At least two contestants took direct potshots at Skatta during the live show with Devin the Dakta deejaying a song saying "Skatta hold knife ah mi throat cause mi a look Ishawna and mi haffi remind him say a Foota wife yuh tek". The audience exploded at this line, and afterwards, Skatta jokingly commented that he was going "home to pray that the public vote yuh (Devin) off the show." The other contestant, Ffrench, also got a big forward when she made reference to the Skatta-Ishawna-Foota Hype love triangle.

After the live show, several memes popped up on social media, one of which showed a forlorn-looking Skatta appearing to throw the 'evil eye' at Foota Hype, while they sat on the couch beside fellow judges Ms Kitty and Professor Nuts. The two exchanged numerous good-natured barbs during the live TV show.

"It's a pity that in the pic being circulated, folks are mistaking my sneaking a look at Ms Kitty's boobs as me giving Foota the evil eye," Skatta said jokingly.

Skatta said he empathised with Foota Hype's pain at having lost the relationship with his babymother.

"Whatever Foota Hype may be saying about me, I understand and hold nothing against him because when you're dealing with heartbreak, you will do and say things to salvage pride and ego.

"Those who know me, know it is impossible for me to put woman on my head 'cause I always got money pan mi brain. I appreciate Miss Kitty, Professor Nuts and rate the fact that Foota Hype came and did his thing, and wi turn the show up for the patrons and those watching. I also ask God to forgive Devin di Dakta for the error he made with my name in the tune he performed," Skatta said. Efforts to obtain a comment from Foota Hype were unsuccessful.

Mark Kenny, the executive producer of the hit reality talent series, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, said Saturday night's show was one of the best ever.

"In simple terms, it was the best ever production for us, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter went ballistic. We have no actual numbers of how many people tuned in to see the show yet, but social media was off the hook. Devin had over 53,000 links after the show on social media.

"It was a calculated risk and it paid off - the security guard on the stage was there for drama, as opposed to any direct need. Skatta and Foota were great about the whole thing," he said.

Mark Kenny could not confirm rumours that breakout dancehall star Ishawna, whose Restraining Order topped several charts last year, may be a featured artiste on the finale.

"I couldn't comment on that. We have made no decisions about the final yet," he said.