Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I See Nothing Wrong I Did Not Disrespect My Flag'

Danielle D.I. fights back amid backlash

Seemingly bothered by the backlash she received online for painting the Jamaican flag on her body in celebration of country's success at the recently concluded Olympics, dancehall artiste Danielle D.I. is now attempting to put the brakes on bullies who have been attacking her on social media.

Following Jamaica's Olympic team's outstanding performance in Rio, Brazil, the controversial deejay had her body painted in the black, green and gold of the Jamaican flag. That, however, did not go down well with many persons, some of whom said she had disrespected the flag.

But Danielle D.I. is convinced she did not go too far with her body painting. fully covered

"I see nothing wrong with what I am doing, and I do not believe my photos were distasteful. My private parts were fully covered, and I am living my truth and showing love to my country," she said.

"There is no way in heaven I would even try to disrespect my country and my flag. I proudly wear my Jamaican sash throughout the world. It is a matter of opinion because what is distasteful to one is artistic, creative, and fresh to another. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. At the end of the day, I was fully covered and was wearing underwear. So I think there is nothing wrong with art expression."

According to the Rebel singer, critics are biased and selective of whom they target, while international stars are given the freedom to live as they see it fit.

"I see girls like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj pushing boundaries and creating controversy. They are the hot girls of the world, and they have been making history without planning it," Danielle D.I. told THE STAR.

Danielle D.I., who holds dual citizenship, also went viral on July 4 after she posted a photo on her Instagram page sporting a full body painting of the American flag. The image was one of the top trending images on Instagram globally, and was later reported by some viewers who felt the photo was too edgy

Monday, 29 August 2016

Kasha Rootz Band Release Mixtape With Djslick44 Featuring Horace Andy & Lutan Fyah

This mix-tape is like no other you have heard before, The Kasha Rootz Band has 4 Vocalist with music to uplift and heal the your soul. Ras Zacharri, Tchiya Amet, lenni IIyah Major and Joseph (guitarist) are just a few of Kasha Rootz Band members

Kasha Rootz although a young group in term of its members’ age and time together, are extremely devoted to their music, vibrant, full of energy and enthusiasm. Kasha Rootz is a synergy of youthful, vibrant, organic roots reggae musicians. Who take a holistic approach towards music with an emphasis on atonement. Kasha Rootz is more than music but a life style.

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Reggae Artiste Nesbeth Received Death Threats

Top Reggae artiste Nesbeth is said to have received death threats in the United Kingdom where he is now on a tour.
According to Nesbeth’s publicist Raymond ‘Shadow’ Small, the threats are aimed at the artiste, his children and management.
“I am very disturbed by the whole ordeal and extremely concerned for the safety and lives of my team and especially my children,” Nesbeth said in a media release issued today.
The My Dream singer was reportedly sent the death threats via several voice notes to the phone of his U.K-based manager, Shanika Dobson.
According to a media release, the persons sending the threats said “no matter where they are or try to go they are going to be killed”.
Nesbeth was booked to perform at concerts in London, Birmingham and Luton. However, he did not perform at one of the shows due to what his management team describes as major contractual breaches.
Nesbeth is slated to return to the Jamaica later this week for assignments in New York and Toronto Canada over the Labour Day weekend
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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Recording Artiste Cologne creating a buzz

"Jahdore" is once agaiñ in the spotlight and now the Artiste to watch with his new single called "Mi Cologne"  Produce by JDMP Records now creating a buzz in the dancehall arena having patrons asking for Cologne

Djslick44 who went out to a party in a well known community to see what the response were with the song tell our news team that

The Selector who got the track to play introduce the song by telling his fans he can't do without his "Cologne" now the cops want to take his "Cologne" , When he started playing the song he said listen " Mek Mi Tell yuh bout Mi Cologne" by the end of the song a few people began asking and begging for the track to be played again loving the concept of "Jahdore" reggae music Djslick44 said

You just have to watch and listen more about "Jahdore " and his Cologne

known for his hit single "LOVE IS OVER" Which has hit number one on the Jamaica music Countdown Top 25 Reggae singles chart.